The Prague pop-rock band Eddie Stoilow makes their voice heard with a brand new video featuring the UFC light heavyweight ex-champion Jiří Procházka playing an unusual role. The video was created for the single So Many Times, which is a joint work of the frontman Honza Žampa and music producer Ondřej Jančovič, known under the pseudonym

DJ Dafonic. The song is the first taste of Eddie Stoilow & DJ Dafonic’s upcoming collaboration and the pilot single from their forthcoming EP, which will be released next year.

So Many Times marks the beginning of a new era for Eddie Stoilow in terms of sound, style and production. “I’ve worked with DJ Dafonic on a few tracks in the past. The results were always great. He’s one of the best contemporary modern producers I know. We complement one another perfectly. Although the sound and style has a modern electronic feel, the song itself is still very much inspired by the ‘classic’. So Many Times is an example of this. It’s a dynamic and diverse yet melancholic composition,” says Honza Žampa.

The central character of the music video is a saddened young man who is sorely tried by life, played by the UFC fighter Jiří Procházka. He tries to escape from the memories of his tragically deceased love, but he fails and his girlfriend lives on, at least in his heart. “Jirka and I have been friends for a long time and this collaboration came about spontaneously. Few people probably know him as he appears in the video. His acting was top notch and he delivered an impressive and professional performance. It exceeded all our expectations several times over. I’m very happy he went for it,” says Honza Žampa. His lover was portrayed by the young talented actress Vivien Machková.

Eddie Stoilow was formed in 2003. They have released four studio albums, with the most recent one, Jupiter, appearing in 2016. Some of their most successful songs include the hits Baby, Frozen and the single With You, which brought the band to the top of the Czech radio charts in 2018. In 2012, goalkeeper Petr Čech played drums with Eddie Stoilow in Poland in between two Euro football matches. In 2019, Eddie Stoilow supported the famous The Rasmus on their European tour.